About Us

The people of Cream Tree – Bhauna, Charmane, Mpho and Pam are determined to change the face of cosmetics for women in Africa.

Cream Tree Team

We have entered this challenging market with new ideas and most importantly, products that live up to not only your expectations, but our hope that every woman can afford something luxurious, which truly works and which was formulated in direct response to input from the very people in the market we hope to serve. Cream Tree hair and beauty products are the realisation of their wishes and voices, both in relation to the performance and look of the product.We aspire to offer a beauty solution to all women, regardless of ethnicity. While some of our hair products offer unique solutions to black women, our aim is to create a quality range which flouts the traditional divides in the beauty industry.

Cream Tree LogoLuxury within reach

We all deserve a wide choice in the products on offer, products that care for our hair and body and which are designed and presented with thought and consideration – everyone wants to feel indulged. Cream Tree has seized the opportunity to bring you just that – luxury within reach.

Our logo which is the synthesis of nature, represented by the tree and woman, was inspired by women and created by a woman.

Home grown

All four of us are born in South Africa, from humble beginnings and from all walks of the South African people. Our roots run deep within the African soil from whence our products have emerged…Cream Tree is determined to honour its commitment to quality, affordable products, which transcend traditional class and colour divides.