Cream Stick 40ml     R65.00

Cream Tree's Cream Stick This light, easily absorbed cream will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Cream Tree’s Cream Stick is conveniently packaged so you can carry it in your handbag, gym bag or travel bag – no mess, no fuss. Massage the luxurious Cream Stick into your skin, best results after a warm bath or shower. Also available in fragrance free.

With its buttery feel, Cream Tree’s Cream Stick is made with only the finest ingredients to provide your skin with a cocoon of moisture to last an entire day.

Hair Mist 200ml     R85.00

Cream Tree's Hair Mist A product that actually reduces irritating itchiness and moisturises your hair and scalp! Cream Tree Hair Mist is light, non-greasy and will not leave a residue build-up. The mist is applied to your hair while putting in weaves or braids and daily when creating dreadlocks. Cream Tree Hair Mist is used for conditioning and styling of natural hair. It is best used with Cream Tree’s Finishing Cream – Hair Emollient for extra nourishment and sheen.

Cream Tree’s Hair Mist is a moisturising mist, suitable for weaves, braids, dreadlocks and natural hair which will relieve itchiness and dryness and provides much needed moisture to both your scalp and hair.

Finishing Cream 40ml     R85.00

Cream Tree's Finishing Cream This rich Finishing Cream will leave your hair feeling soft and silky without the heavy residue of conventional hair emollients. Suitable for use in the morning and evenings – Cream Tree’s Finishing Cream works best when applied after using Cream Tree’s Hair Mist and is suitable for everyday use.

Cream Tree’s Finishing Cream is designed to improve hair strength and seal in much needed moisture.

Lipsliq 5ml     R45.00

Cream Tree's Lipsliq Cream Tree’s Lipsliq in French Strawberry and Original. Imagine the convenience of a lip balm with the shine and smoothness of a gloss but no stickiness. Cream Tree’s Lipsliq is incredibly smooth and promises maximum moisture and surprising shine.

Cream Tree’s Lipsliq – incredibly smooth and promises maximum moisture and surprising shine...