The Cream Tree Review by The Mandy Expidition

A few weeks ago I received a package from Cream Tree to try out. The gift bag was filled with 2 varieties of lip balm (or lipsliq as they call it), 2 types of cream sticks, a bottle of hair mist and a bottle of finishing cream.

The first thing I went for was the buttercream cream stick. It’s basically a lotion in solid form. The packaging looks like a giant glue stick. You take off the top and smooth it on your skin. One word to describe this product – butter. It literally melts into your skin leaving you with a hint of buttercream or vanilla the whole day. It has become a handbag must have for me. The only thing I didn’t particularly like is that you have to hold down the bottom of the stick because if you don’t, the product disappears back into the bottle. It’s a small thing that doesn’t take away the fact that this product does wonders for my skin.

I didn’t try out the lipsliq’s much because as soon as I got home, The Kid and my guy helped themselves to my gift bag. I am happy to report that The Kid no longer suffers from dry lips thanks to the French Strawberry flavour of this product.

Now, on to the hair goodies. Let’s start off with the things I didn’t particularly like – I am not a big fan of hair food because of the petrolatum ingredient in the product. The Cream Tree Finishing Cream has this as an ingredient so I admit I cringed a little. It also doesn’t smell very pleasant unfortunately.

The positives outweigh the negatives because damn do these two products ( the hair mist and finishing cream) work well together. Yes, I put my issues aside and decided to use them and I am not sorry. Combined, the hair mist and finishing cream work like a bomb for days when your 2nd day wash n go or twist out isn’t performing at its peak. In saying that, it also works well for creating said twist outs. It actually softened my hair and doesn’t leave it to greasy. In fact, the mist and cream have been my saving grace when fixing The Kid’s hair in the morning. It smooths down her highschool hairstyle quite nicely.

Ingredients in the hair mist includes glycerine so it works really well when your hair needs a moisture boost. The hair mist also helps in alleviating itchy scalp and works great on braids and dreads.

I achieved this look by using Cream Tree's hair mist and finishing cream on a 3rd day wash n go. Check out that awesome shine!
I achieved this look by using Cream Tree’s hair mist and finishing cream on a 3rd day wash n go. Check out that awesome shine!


Cream Tree Product Range
I love the packaging because it is easy to handle and the label is rather pretty with it’s cream and gold design.

Overall, the Cream Tree range gets a 7/10 from me.

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