What does Cream Tree’s Soothing Moisture Mist do for your hair?

So in our competition this week, we had an amazing post from Claudia and Laila, and it goes like this:


Before – Pic 1

“On weekends my daughter and I let our natural curls loose. The Creamtree Moisture Mist works to style the curls without any residue so that they stay shiny and light. In this first pic its only me using the mist….notice the difference between my daughter’s hair and mine…”

After – Pic 2

“So after achieving such amazing results on my own hair I started using the moisture mist for my daughter too. Now you can see that her hair is as shiny and curly as mine!!”

‪#‎creamtree‬ love for mammas and daughters! Don’t forget to share your story about something our Hair Mist is designed to do and you can win a month’s supply of Hair Mist and Finishing Cream!

Competition open until 22nd February 2016.